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Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 155


The restoration detail story of the famous Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 that’s imported from Japan.

Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 222

You know this is a supra japan import by looks at the km/h in the cluster.

Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 210

No T Top for this Supra. Much Stronger Chassis than T-Top Model

Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 1
Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 3
Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 27
Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 63

Paint Correction Time

Undergoing paint correction after receiving a fresh coat from the auto body shop is quite usual, primarily to eliminate marks left by sanding and buffing. If the auto body shop is willing to attend to this, it’s a bonus. However, achieving the level of paint perfection desired could easily demand between 20 to 100 hours of meticulous work, and even beyond 200 hours for a car intended for exhibition.

Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 216
Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 217

Observe the enhancement in figures via the Rhopoint IQ Gloss meter, assuring us that we are achieving the intended result. This type of scientific instrument differentiates us from our competitors. Our emphasis lies on quality, not quantity. A quick buff or “complimentary” paint correction might suffice for the average car and satisfy many, yet our commitment is to prioritize our philosophy above all.

Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 29

Overspray removal on glass

Overspray is a common issue originating from body shops. However, there’s no need for concern. Leveraging our extensive experience, coupled with the right tools and methods, we are capable of eliminating these inconveniences with ease.

Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 38

Engine bay prep prior paint protection film application

Managing dirt and debris during the installation of paint protection film can present a formidable task. The process tends to dislodge dirt and debris because of the water used, which moves freely due to gravity. Hence, the cleaner the initial state, the fewer problems one will encounter with dirt and debris.

Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 41

Suntek Paint Protection Film Application

Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 215
Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 214

Factory placement for the new emblems

The Toyota symbol is positioned 20mm above the tailgate’s lower edge, while the Supra insignia sits slightly higher at 22mm above the tailgate’s lower edge to the base of the letters.


Carzwerk Story

This one will be a long story with lot of pictures documentation. We only know part of the car’s history, but it’s a great story and we want to take the opportunity to share it with the car enthusiasts out there.

We put the car back together and we were all smiles when we saw the end result. This Supra can now get back in the wild and teach new generations what 2JZ-engine is all about. From all of us here at Carzwerk, we want to take this opportunity to thank Lawrence for allowing us to work on this partial restoration project.

Now why did we say partial? Well that’s a story for another time…

Gallery Highlights

After the mechanic shop magic, let’s begin the second round of the work. With more parts can be removed from the car after the mechanic shop assistance and recommendation, we are replacing the parts when necessary. Oxidized plastic parts, rusted bolts, even the “painted” emblems grommet, why not?

After nights and multiple attempt of research of the part numbers, we were able to do our Lego project without the instructions. 

Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 225
Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 226

Can you spot the difference in the engine bay?

Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 230
Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 227
Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 228
Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 229
Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 233
Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 232

Parts after Parts

The MK4 Supra project restoration has demanded countless hours spent in sourcing the necessary replacement components. It is advisable to conduct diligent research into part numbers and updated components, to ensure maximum performance. A plethora of screws, nuts, and other parts have been ordered for this restoration, which can be best described as “Exquisite“.

Gallery Highlights

Stock Toyota MK4 Supra for US model is rated at 321 horsepower and 315 lb-ft of torque. Japan model is 280 horsepower and 323 ft/l, for 1997 and up with the VVTi it has 338ft/lb.
The MK4 Supra was capable of reaching a top speed of 177 mph, although this was capped at 155 mph for models outside of Japan. The Mark 4 Supra’s sequential turbochargers’ efficacy enabled it to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds, demonstrating its remarkable performance capabilities.

Engine – 2996 cc Straight 6 Twin Turbo

Transmission – 6 Speed Manual

Drive System – Rear Wheel Drive

Curb weight – 3,285–3,461 lb

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