Toyota Supra MK4 | JZA80

Toyota MK4 Supra - Super White 040


Restoration | Paint Correction | Paint Protection Film | Ceramic Coating


The story of the famous Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80

Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 202

Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 224

This one will be a long story with lot of pictures documentation.

We only know part of the car’s history, but it’s a great story and we want to take the opportunity to share it with the car enthusiasts out there.

We put the car back together and we were all smiles when we saw the end result. This Supra can now get back in the wild and teach new generations what 2JZ-engine is all about.

From all of us here at Carzwerk, we want to take this opportunity to thank Lawrence for allowing us to work on this partial restoration project.

Now why did we say partial? Well that’s a story for another time…

After the mechanic shop magic, let’s begin the second round of the work. 

Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 225

Toyota MK4 Supra JZA80 226

With more parts can be removed from the car after the mechanic shop assistance and recommendation, we are replacing the parts when necessary. Oxidized plastic parts, rusted bolts, even the “painted” emblems grommet, why not?

After nights and multiple attempt of research of the part numbers, we were able to do our Lego project without the instructions.