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Kamikaze Collection

Made in Japan Paint Protection coating and products in Fremont, CA

Why choose Kamikaze Collection?

The Japanese Auto industry has a reputation for being pioneers in the glass coating sector. Every product is proudly made in Japan from carefully chosen premium materials with secret chemical formulations.

KAMIKAZE COLLECTION represents the pinnacle of Japanese innovation. It strives to offer the best car care products without being restricted by cost. The coating is imported directly from Japan and spends limited time on the shelf.

Relationship with Kamikaze Collection since 2014.

KAMIKAZE COLLECTION has been with us from the beginning, and our partnership since 2014 has helped us grow and develop. We are proud to offer a wide range of KAMIKAZE COLLECTION products and we are one of the few Master Certified studios in the US. Our craftsmanship has been assessed and certified by the man himself – Kai Morita.

Remarkable results can only be achieved by the combination of refined prep work and high quality chemical formulation. A great product is always developed by a team, so some of the most knowledgeable master detailers have teamed up with passionate chemical engineers to give the world the revolutionary… KAMIKAZE COLLECTION.

Product Showcase

  1. The molecular size is different. MIYABI Coat is produced with a smaller molecule manufacturing method than ISM Coat.
  2. MIYABI Coat is deep gloss. ISM Coat provides a thick, deep shine look.
  3. The chemical reaction is different due to the combination of base materials and painted surfaces.
  4. MIYABI Coat is recommended as a base coat, ISM Coat as a top coat.

Miyabi is an uncommon Japanese given name and is also one of the traditional Japanese aesthetic ideals. Miyabi represents refined elegance, delivered by the most advanced Japanese technology.

Ultimate Low Molecular, Non-Solvent & VOC-Free Coating.

We studied the disadvantages of solvent-based glass coating and developed solvent-free glass coating technology. Solvent-based glass coating did not work well for undeveloped additives. The size of the molecule is too big. MIYABI Coat has enabled purification of small molecules and increased the SiO2 active ingredient to the utmost limit.

The Hydrocarbon flexible layer coating that produces a warm glow effect that is found in traditional carnauba waxes.

It can be applied to both painted surface and plastic trims.
Best combined with Miaybi Base Coat as Top Layer.

Film Surface Coat is chemically engineered to bond with both clear and satin paint protection film without causing discoloration or reducing durability.

The organic polysilazane chemical reaction provides smooth surfaces and protection for high temperatures over 1400°.

If you love the high gloss shine of traditional carnauba waxes but need the durability of a ceramic coating, then Infinity Wax is the perfect solution. A blend of high-quality Brazilian T1 carnauba and Japanese ceramic coating.

(Maintenance Product for Kamikaze Collection)

The Water Beads Attack! Over Coat from Kamikaze Collection is a quick detailer / spray sealant designed to offer the ultimate sacrificial coating layer for your paint. Developed in Japan, Over Coat is easy to apply and can be used on paint, glass, plastic trim and rims. Its ingredients are water-based, non-solvent and non-polymer-based. And, if you haven’t had the chance to perfectly correct your paint, then Kamikaze Overcoat can help with siloxane and hard resin, which will conceal light swirls and hazing.

Kamikaze Over Coat can easily be applied to a wet or dry surface, though ideally over a good base layer like MIYABI Coat or ISM Coat, and should give you as much as 6 months of protection with an amazing water beading effect on all types of coatings on your car.

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