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New Car Protection | Prep | Detailing

Should You Detail A New Car?

New car? Perfect shine… Flawless condition… New car smell and feel. Some may think the perk of buying a newer model allows you to skip the process of detailing a new car because it doesn’t seem necessary. That’s what every car salesperson will tell you when buying a new car. We’re sorry to burst your bubble, but every new car has flaws regardless of how expensive the brand is. If you’re wondering, “Should I detail a new car?” YES! Let’s discuss why.

Prep work – Achieving the desired result takes time, work, and talent. Decontamination comes first, ensuring the removal of fallout particles, adhesive residue, water spot etching, etc. Machine polishing is the next step to further remove imperfections and manufacturing defects, clearing the haze and bringing back that gloss car makers show in their posters. 

Protection service – The name of the game is custom work, depending on the budget and the size of the vehicle. Paint Protection Film is the physical barrier that stands between your car and road debris. In combination with Ceramic Coating, which protects against the elements, you’ll get the best of both worlds for THE best protection on the market.

Why new car needs detail?


Even though all car manufacturers make use of robots or paint baths, the paint layer won’t be perfect. One might ask – why? Well, first of all, paint is not an exact science, and oxygen has this habit of oxidizing and messing up even in a clean environment. Before the car is ready to be transported, all sorts of protective stickers are applied. Depending on the environment in which they were applied, these may damage the paint, leaving paint abrasion or moisture lines. Don’t let that new car smell scent distract you from these subtle damages on the exterior.


The vehicle’s journey will begin in the car maker’s factory, which is usually based in a different country. Let’s just say that the trip will be long and bumpy – while the vehicle may sit quietly in a container while it’s being transported from Europe or Asia, once it starts the domestic leg, it will definitely be at the mercy of the elements and fallout contaminants while idling on a trailer. The assorted water spots, insects, bird droppings, and adhesive residues must be corrected.


The next step in the vehicle’s journey starts at the dealership, where a lot can happen. The car might sit on the lot extensively, exposed to various weather and with birds and insects flying freely everywhere. Or, to get the car to you in record time, the dealership cuts corners. Or, instead of the car from the lot, they may give you a shiny new car and do more harm than good during the dealership’s detailing process. Or, you may receive a Show Room (aka Demo or Test Drive) vehicle that already has some wear and tear.


Obviously, the car made it safely to our location, whether it was through an in-person drop-off or a prearranged drop-off directly from the dealership. We will begin our extended inspection process prior to doing all the work that was agreed upon. Regular reports will be sent to make you feel like a full participant on this exciting journey. We understand how to apply the best paint protection for new cars and we are keen to work with you on YOUR dream car.

Showcase Portfolio


You Can Customize To Your New Car Prep And Protection Needs

A new car does not come with any paint protection. Granted, there is a layer of lacquer paint, but that’s not enough. It’s very important to maintain the paint’s glossiness, whether the car will be getting daily driving abuse or pampered as a weekend car. Protection coating is a much better choice than traditional wax and sealant, and it’s highly recommended to have it installed while the car is brand new to minimize the future effect of debris and the elements.

Removing paint imperfections using polish machines is the norm. In order to bring out the color’s true shine and gloss, different polishing machines and techniques are used. While customers would think that the polishing technique is just routine, each car is different and requires individualized attention. We have experience with a wide range of brands and an impressive portfolio of cars demonstrating our perfect results.

Of course, the better protection would be Paint Protection Film, aka PPF. We also offer tint services through our partnerships with other shops. Whether you’re looking for a dark tint or just enough to keep the vehicle nice and cool during the summer months, we can recommend our best service providers.

PPF has gained significant popularity over the past couple of years due to its proven protection against debris, rock chips, and environmental contaminants. Think of PPF as the screen protector on your phone – the sooner you install it, the better it will protect you against scratches and damages.

Protection Option

Prep - Paint Correction

Single Stage
Bugjet-is-not-a-concern Option

Protection - Paint Protection Film PPF

Full Front
Race Kit
Full Wrap
Add-on – High Impact Areas

Protection - Ceramic Coating

Single Layer
Multi Layer
Exterior Paint / Trim
Window / Wheels

Protection - 3M Window Tint

Automall Tint Specialist
IR Ceramic
Color Stable

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