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About us

Who are we? We are a bunch of people that just love cars. Here at Carzwerk, our goal is to provide premium services to our clientele. We have gained a considerable reputation in the Bay Area for always elevating the standard. Our clients continue to choose Carzwerk because of our commitment, desire and passion.

Good work takes good people, but good work also requires good products. We strongly believe in using only premium quality options and we constantly research the most advanced products to achieve our high standards. We take on trialing potential alternatives to determine whether they are worth it and only use what has been thoroughly proven.

Some of our certifications include:

Our talent and professionalism are here for our customers, offering peace of mind in knowing we will do everything in our power to always take our service to the next level.

Our recipe is: 1 part professionalism, 1 part passion, 1 part craziness, 1 part humility. In true Mercedes-Benz fashion, we are always striving for “The Best or Nothing!”

The werk | detailing portfolio in FREMONT, CA