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Our Fremont AutoMall Location (Inside Lincoln Executive Center) is by Appointment ONLY so we can service our customer exclusively. Your understanding will be greatly appreciated.

Little Info about Us

At Carzwerk, our goal is to provide premium services to our clientele and we have gained a reputation in the Bay area for doing so. Our clients continue to choose Carzwerk because of our commitment and our desire to provide customer satisfaction.

We strongly believe in using premium quality products and we keep researching the most advanced products that are proven to do what they claim to do. This, combined with proper technique and experience allows us to provide professional services and products to all of our clients. We have become certified and authorized installers with some of the top brands on the market. We are an Esoteric Elite Paint Correction Technician, Kamikaze Collection Japan Master Installation Center, Shine Supply & Rupes Trained and Certified, Authorized installer for Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Coating and Paint Protection Film aka PPF Certified Installer. All of these are designed to provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that we are professionals who can take our service to the next level. The professionals found at Carzwerk are passionate about what they do, and we don’t settle for anything less than the best.

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