Porsche 911 GT3 Touring PTS CXX | 992

2022 Porsche GT3 Touring - Albert Blue PTS aka Paint to Sample and CXX aka Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur

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Porsche 992 GT3 Touring Albert Blue PTS Paint to sample


Porsche 992 GT3 Touring Albert Blue PTS Paint to sample with Carzwerk on the lift
Porsche 992 GT3 Touring Albert Blue 104

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Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Sticker

The Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur sticker that means money.

What’s so special about Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur | CXX | Special Wishes?

CXX in Porsche refers to the “Custom-Code Execution” option offered by the brand. This unique feature allows Porsche owners to enhance their vehicle’s functionality with personalized modifications, surpassing the standard options. From aesthetic tweaks to performance enhancements, CXX provides the freedom to customize the vehicle to the owner’s exact specifications. It’s not just about personalizing a car; it’s about crafting a distinctive driving experience that truly reflects the owner’s style, preferences, and driving demands. This offering is a testament to Porsche’s unwavering commitment to delivering superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, and an individualistic approach, ensuring every Porsche is more than just a car – it’s a personalized expression of the owner’s lifestyle and taste. In essence, CXX is a symbol of Porsche’s dedication to customer satisfaction, exemplifying their mantra of delivering a truly unique driving experience.

Truffle Brown Interior 992
Truffle Brown Interior 992

Truffle brown interior with the "touring" font Door Sill

The font of the touring is matching the engine cover. Not the typical GT3 Logo. 

Porsche 992 GT3 Touring Albert Blue 127
Porsche 992 GT3 Touring Albert Blue 131

It's 6 Speed Manual

High gloss black and GT silver stripes Porsche OEM wheels with yellow caliper and PCCB
High gloss black and GT silver stripes Porsche OEM wheels with yellow caliper and PCCB

High gloss black with GT silver painted stripes wheels from factory, for sure it's ceramic coated

Carzwerk Story

We’ve covered the GT3 touring in previous posts and the White Rolex Daytona themed GT3 already set the bar up there.

While white is the symbol of purity and cleanliness, Albert Blue brings back out a whole different level of hidden class. And the reason for the bring back is because Albert Blue was part of the Porsche color offering from 1970 to 1972. Being a historic Porsche color it’s only fitting that it would be part of the PTS line-up. It has been added to the PTS line-up in the 991.2 GT3 model and it’s been there ever since.

The non-metallic Albertblau paint firstly reminded us of the Blue Angels fleet and their C-130 Fat Albert, but while the two colors appear to be the same to the naked eye, they couldn’t be any different. The Blue Angels do not fly under the radar, they’re not supposed to – they put on a show wherever they go.

The PTS color line-up does technically apply to the entire Porsche fleet line-up, but the Albert Blue feels like it was designed to complement the simple lines of the GT3 Touring. People who don’t like ginormous swan neck wings choose to get GT3 Touring, since they enjoy flying under the radar. Albert Blue is a color that takes flying under the radar at a whole different level, as opposed to the Blue Angels philosophy.

But this is not just a PTS GT3 Porsche, this is a Special Wishes PTS GT3, meaning that Porsche allowed a higher level of customization. So having said that, let’s dive into the see of pure class this GT3 emanates.

The interior is somewhat a tribute to the 911 R, which had the tarpan brown leather. Not even special wishes could bring back this special leather color, since it was exclusively used on the 911R. Inside, we will find a stunning combination of truffle brown leather, which is probably the closest color to the tarpan brown in combination with very stealthy silver accents along with a very good selection of carbon fiber. The GT silver stitch package along with the silver seat belts are just making the truffle brown leather stand out in a way that’s hard to describe. Gorgeous would be one adjective, although it’s just not fair. You have to see this combination to really appreciate the final result. The silver theme continues in a very stealth manner outside the car with the silver lip on the black center lock wheels.

The Weissach carbon package would be obvious for a GT3, even in its touring configuration. This GT3 has just enough carbon pieces to make it stand out, but not to scream Weissach. The roof, the mirror caps and the triangles behind the mirrors is just the right amount of carbon fiber robustness combined with the Alberblau goodness.

Onto the Carzwerk portion of our story, this was one of the most extensive paint restoration projects we’ve done. It simply brought out the nuances of the Albert blue and under certain lighting you can see shades of purple. It doesn’t matter how many pads we’ve used on this project, but the results speak volume.

It’s somewhat unfortunate that the paint was then protected with PPF, since it took away from the deepness of this astonishing blue, but it is definitely the right approach to protect the car. Just like the GT4RS , we’ve taken our time to remove any parts that would hinder a clean install. It wouldn’t have been fair to have jagged or short cuts, so the window moldings came off, the same way the mirrors came off, to have the cleanest possible install. The taillights came off, the amber side markers came off and were later replaced with clear ones, the hood vents came off… every part that we could take off in order to facilitate a clean and seamless install came off.

After the whole car was PPFed, we put everything back. The attention this car deserves did not stop here and we went on with multiple layers of our own blend of ceramic coating, specifically formulated for the various materials: PPF, paint, molds/trims, glass.

The trims and rubber moldings have always been a sore spot with Porsche owners and they also received their fair share of love. The ceramic brakes don’t generate a lot of dust and the center lock wheels didn’t have to come off for us to ceramic coat them with a special blend designed specifically for the harshness of the elements.

We’ve talked about the graceful looks of the GT3 touring, but let’s get into the sound. It doesn’t have a crazy Sharkwerks exhaust like some of the other GT3s we’ve worked on, but in this case it would ruin the overall image of the vehicle. Now having said, the exhaust tips did receive their own share of attention.

One thing is for sure, we had one of the most meaningful Porsche conversation with the owner of this GT3 and it was such an enthusiastic lesson in Porsche history. We’re so proud to have worked on this incredible vehicle and restore its shine… the shine that Porsche intended.

See you soon Albertblau GT3! You will be missed, but never forgotten.

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