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2023 Porsche Cayman GT4RS - Arctic Grey M7K/U0

Earlier this year we worked on a brand new FL5 Honda Civic Type R in Championship White. But why are we mentioning this on a page about the 718 GT4RS? The answer is simple – we want to congratulate Alex on getting his dream car. At least for now…

A little advertisement here about Ceramic Coating on Center Lock Wheels.

For the first time in the 718 lineup a car has received centerlock wheels, so they’re getting attention from Porsche enthusiasts and connoisseurs. But centerlock wheels are not as easy as Formula 1 makes it look on TV. They got a lot of attention with a special application method using a Kamikaze Collection blend of ceramic coating specifically formulated for the harshness of the elements. The kicker here is that they didn’t have to come off and the 600lb-ft torque wrench didn’t have to come to the rescue, thanks to the setup consisting of the Nussbaum Sprinter 7 scissor lift.

Weissach Package

Alex got his Porsche GT4RS with the Weissach package. With the exposed carbon gives it a very distinguished look and those side carbon intakes complete a stealth looking street legal rocket. The swan neck wing found its way to the GT4RS lineup and it has received the love it deserves. The sought after Weissach package with the carbon fiber hood, mirrors, roof, intakes, swan neck mounted wing and engine cover received its own share of care and restoration, to bring out the beautiful nuances of the dry carbon underneath that clear coat.


  • Exposed carbon fiber front trunk lid
  • Exposed carbon fiber side air intakes and combustion air blade behind the driver and passenger windows
  • Exposed carbon fiber exterior mirrors
  • Exposed carbon fiber rear wing
  • “PORSCHE” logo on top of the rear windshield in Dark Silver
  • Titanium tailpipes in 935 look


  • Exposed carbon fiber air box and air intakes with “GT4 RS” logo in silver
  • Upper section of the dashboard in Race-Tex
  • Dashboard trim with “Weissach Package” logo
  • Headrests embroidered with “Weissach Package” logo

Magnesium GT4 RS Wheel Set in Indigo Blue

Lightweight construction and performance, a wheel taken directly from motor sports. Extremely light forged magnesium.  

The RS magnesium wheels have an extremely low weight and also result in a corresponding lower unsprung weight. To do this all known technological options for attaining particularly light wheels were implemented:

  • Design – using little material and attaining a low weight while remaining highly stable and rigid in a typical motor sports design.
  • Magnesium forging process – for reducing the materials required and improving stability and rigidity.
  • Front Size 8.5″ x 20″ – 61mm 
  • Rear Size 11″ x 20″ x 50mm

Carzwerk Story

So let’s get into what the car is all about and also what we’ve done to elevate its status.

The RS acronym has been associated with the GT2 and GT3 racing classes for a good number of years. On top of that Porsche has always brought us the tamer GT3 model, but they followed it up with an RS model. For the GT4, it’s the very first time they bring to the world a GT4RS.

But what does RS stand for and what makes it so special? Ad literam, it would mean RennSport or Racing Sport. This encompasses all the technological advances that Porsche has accomplished in their motor racing division, but brought to a road-legal “killing bugs fast” sports car.

We can tell that Porsche took a lot of the 991.2 GT3RS tech and added it to the GT4RS, but it would be unfair to just stop there, so the engineers and designers at Porsche brought us a lightweight construction, a lot more downforce, more direct handling and of course more horse power. These are obviously the highlights as the complete list of changes is known only to Porsche.

Does the GT4RS kill bugs fast?

So in true Porsche manner, does this GT4RS kill bugs fast? At least on paper it does. The GT4RS inherits its slightly older brother’s engine, so the GT3 engine is slightly detuned and sits in a more central location in the car. The 4.0 liter naturally aspirated boxer 6 motor creating 493HP/331 lb-ft, puts the GT4RS 3rd in the 7 minute marker at the Nordschleife, 3 seconds behind the monstrous Dodge Viper ACR. Fun fact here is that the GT4RS sits 2 seconds ahead one of the 992.1 GT3RS Weissach package attempts.

We don’t know whether this is going to be a one off, for this particular 718 generation or whether the GT4RS will establish itself as a household name in the Porsche lineup or in the GT4 class for that matter.

Given that the GT4 class is a pro/am and that most cars are essentially track cars, the Porsche factory team has not backed any team officially. Manthey Racing has tuned several GT4 Clubsport cars to compete in the European GT4 class. Let’s see if Porsche will support this directly now that the GT4RS is out, or maybe Manthey will take the GT4RS and apply their own secret sauce and get it to compete in the GT4 series.

Only time will tell!

We want to extend a big thank you from all of us here at Carzwerk to Alex and his confidence!

See you soon, GT4RS!


Thank you for @alexlude.gt4rs Support

I’ve been coming to Carzwerk since 2014. Jason and his team are impeccable and whether it be new car services, annual refresher and details, you get what you expect and pay for when it comes to the work done @ Carzwerk. I’ve gotten my wife’s Accord, my two Civic Type R (FK8, FL5) both championship white along with my recent Arctic Grey Porsche GT4RS and with each project, the quality of the work is always 10000%. Jason is easy to work with and will find a solution for what you are looking for. If you are looking for a great detailing service, PPF service, paint correction service, etc. then Carzwerk is your #1 go to place in the Bay Area. You won’t be disappointed and you (and others’) reactions will be blown away!

Related Project

New car prep

New car? Perfect shine… Flawless condition… New car smell and feel.

Some may think the perk of buying a newer model allows you to skip the process of detailing a new car because it doesn’t seem necessary. That’s what every car salesperson will tell you when buying a new car. We’re sorry to burst your bubble, but every new car has flaws regardless of how expensive the brand is. If you’re wondering, “Should I detail a new car?” Check out the pictures below.

Paint Correction

What is paint correction? Isn’t that same as quick buff? 

Removing paint imperfections using polish machines is the norm. Different polishing machines and techniques are used to bring out the color’s true shine and gloss. While customers frequently assume that the polishing technique is routine, each car is different and requires individualized attention. We have vast experience with a wide range of brands and an impressive portfolio of cars demonstrating the resulting perfection.

How many steps of paint correction will you do?

Our principle is “Less is More.” Contrast that with the marketing-driven message that “More is Better.” We operate differently and document your car’s journey in the shop. This is the best testimonial we can offer to our clients to prove that we are achieving the intended result within the established budget.

Paint Protection Film

Custom Installation with proper strategic disassemble procedure for cleaner and “less-seam” result

The work we’ve done on this particular GT4RS is different than others. Since this was a full car PPF project, we’ve taken the time to take things apart in order to have cleaner installs and to ensure wherever possible that the actual film is not even seen. Having said that, the front bumper came off, the headlights were out, all the aero components on the bumper also came off, the wing came out, the side carbon fiber air vents came off. Now this would be the easy ones, but in order to get clean installs on the doors, we took the window moldings off and the mirrors. Every screw was documented and we knew where everything went to be able to get everything back on the car, once the film installation was done.

Not every projects needs to be disassembled and we understand 

Now one might ask, was it worth it? Without a shadow of doubt, YES! Why? Because we always want to improve and be better at what we’re doing and this GT4RS is a testament that we will never stop improving and that chasing perfection is part of our DNA.

3M window tint

3M Crystalline is the choice of Tint

70% Windshield

60% Side and Back Windows 

We didn’t go for dark for this project so we can still see the beautiful exposed carbon fiber air box and air intakes with “GT4 RS” logo in silver that’s exclusive from the Weissach package.

Special Interior Care

Leather Treatment / Carbon Fiber Treatment / EdGuard USA Seat Protection

While the outer carbon is protected by PPF, the inner carbon fiber wrapping the engine bay compartment has received multiple layers of Kamikaze Collection Over Coat. This sealant spray is doing the job of an entry level coating, both in terms of cost and actual reliability, and it brings out the true nuances of the carbon.

Exquisite Service

The Porsche Rubber / Plastic Trim treatment

The rubber trim has always been a sore spot for a lot of Porsche owners and we have applied another Kamikaze Collection blend to protect it for the years to come. The light tunnel came in handy and has shone the way (pun intended) for us to get all the rubber and plastic trims taken care of.

Exhaust Tips and Muffler Treatment

We’ve talked about the looks about the GT4RS, but let’s dive a bit into how it sounds. What we can say is the exhaust notes are distinguishable and make this car even more special. Now we cannot really translate that into anything discernible here. The one thing we can do is to make sure those special exhaust tips are getting their own share of attention.

Ceramic Coating

The follow up and make sure the coating is performing

After the break-in, Alex brought the GT4RS back to us for the follow up session with our Detail Omakase Signature Touch. Check out the water beadings behavior of the car. 

We also want to see how well the coating is working on the Surface Transforms Carbon Ceramic rotor hat that he just got installed at our Preferred Shop – Alekshop

Surface Transforms - Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Alex came to our shop since 2016 and he understands we don’t mind going extra mile for such other may think it’s so unnecessary to do so.

Ceramic Coating on the Rotor Hat for easier clean up in the future

The car was came in without PCCB due to the shortage in 2023. Check the news here in rennlist.com. Alex is super OCD about the brake dust and got himself a great present for himself for thanksgiving so he doesn’t have to worry about the brake dust in the future. The coating was doing great but we be honest with you here. 

PCCB with Ceramic Coating – Heaven
PCCB without Ceramic Coating – No problem and make sense to save the money, may be some ceramic detail spray in between wash
Non PCCB with Ceramic Coating – Still need effort to clean the wheels but the wheels won’t get stained especially with the satin finish
Non PCCB without Ceramic Coating – you will have some good time just cleaning the wheels and got tired to clean the rest of the car.

Weight Saving

The rotors are so light, 14.1lb and 14.6lb. Wish we have the OEM here to compare the difference but we don’t do mechanic work here as we believe in do what do best.


Manufacture Information

If you currently have Carbon Ceramic Brakes on your car or are looking to upgrade your steel brakes to Carbon Ceramics, Surface Transforms (“ST”) has a solution for you.

Why ST?

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, Surface Transforms is quickly becoming the go-to name in Carbon Ceramic Discs.

ST technology uses superior continuous fiber material compared to the chopped fiber you see in most OEM applications. Continuous fiber results in higher strength and higher thermal conductivity and also allows these discs to be refurbished up to 3-4 times over the life of the rotor! You no longer have to worry about your rotors “chunking out” as they wear as chopped fiber rotors do.

ST’s superior carbon-ceramic discs are also making their way into Hypercar OEM applications such as the Koenigsegg CCR and Gemera along with the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Singer 911. ST currently has over 10 small volume manufacturers utilizing their products. On the motorsport side, CCST rotors have found their way onto European Ferrari 458 Challenge cars as well.

ST vs Iron Rotors

  • Up to 70% weight savings compared to iron brakes – typically 40lbs of unsprung weight
  • Improved handling and drivability
  • Improved NVH (less noise, vibration, and harshness)
  • Improved performance in both wet and dry conditions
  • Reduced brake wear / increased life
  • Reduced brake dust
  • Corrosion-free, no more rust!
  • Outstanding performance, even from cold

ST vs Traditional Carbon-Ceramic Rotors

  • Approximately 50% less expensive than OEM CCB rotor replacements
  • Able to be refurbished up to 3 times (see below for details)
  • Average expected track life is 4000 to 5000 miles between refurbishments*
  • Street life should exceed the life of the car*
  • Available for both existing CCB and cast iron fitments without replacing calipers
  • Better braking performance
  • Significant improvement in brake modulation – better trail braking
  • Option to run a much more aggressive pad for track applications
  • Working with more brake pad manufacturers to offer different compounds
  • Operating temperatures approximately 200 degrees lower than traditional CCBs


Unlike traditional chopped-fiber CCM discs, ST’s next-generation continuous fiber construction of the CCST discs allows for refurbishing the discs up to 3 times when additional chopped-fiber CCM discs would need to be thrown away.

*Please note that street and track mileage will vary from vehicle to vehicle, driver to driver. Driving styles, pads used, and roads/tracks driven will affect the mileage level. 4,000 hard track miles is given as a guideline only.

ST advises customers to refurbish rotors when a vibration through the brake pedal is felt, and before rotors become noisy.

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