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2023 Porsche 911 GT3 Touring - White C9A

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This looks similar to our other white GT3 Touring Project right? You are correct. Same but it’s different car. In a way, it shows us our “Kai-zen” aka improvement

The “Kai-zen”aka improvement from the picture

Sprinter 7 Lift from Nussbaum
Upgrade Mini Split AC-System for environment control
Dry Ice Detailing Service

All the advertising and marketing finished here and now we back to the business.

Porsche 992 GT3 Touring White - New Car Prep | Paint Protection Film | Ceramic Coating - SF Bay Area | Carzwerk
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2022 to 2023

For the 2023 Model, we experience similar issues with the 2022 Model unfortunately. This is why we’d like to emphasize the importance of a New Car Detailing process for your new vehicle, prior to the application of any protective products (Wax and sealant, ceramic coating, paint protection film, etc). Opting out of this step could potentially save you some cash, but if the garage doesn’t suggest this to you, can you fully trust that they’re treating your investment with the seriousness it deserves? After all, it’s your hard-earned money at stake.

Porsche GT3 Touring White 2023 9

Our specialized lighting for inspecting paint defects

Our specialized lighting system enables us to detect and document any paint defects or inconsistencies efficiently through photographic means. We don’t merely settle for the superficial appearance of being ‘good enough’; we delve deeper.

Porsche GT3 Touring White 2023 10

Factory Sanding Mark / Halogram

Factory sanding marks are microscopic imperfections in a vehicle’s paintwork that occur during the manufacturing process. These marks are typically caused by residual sanding residue left on the car’s body before the final paint coat is applied. They might not be visible to the naked eye but can be seen under direct light or a detailed inspection.

Hologram buffer marks, on the other hand, are caused by improper or aggressive use of a rotary buffer during the car’s detailing process. This can introduce too much heat and pressure, leading to these micro scratches or ‘burn marks’ in the paint. They’re also known as holograms due to their three-dimensional, holographic appearance when viewed under light.

Both factory sanding marks and hologram buffer marks can negatively impact the overall look of the car, but can typically be corrected with proper polishing techniques by experienced detailers. However, it’s crucial to remember that polishing involves removing a thin layer of paint to improve the car’s finish, and it should not be attempted without the proper knowledge and preparation.

Porsche GT3 Touring White 2023 203

The famous hydration moisture line

The term ‘hydration moisture line’ refers to the moisture that gets confined beneath the white protective film during manufacturing. This issue demands a unique set of skills for its resolution, it’s not as simple as just polishing it away.

Porsche GT3 Touring White 2023 204
Porsche GT3 Touring White 2023 205

Etching mark from factory transportation film

Porsche GT3 Touring White 2023 206

Texture issue on front bumper

Porsche GT3 Touring White 2023 207

Texture issue on the rear bumper

Porsche GT3 Touring White 2023 223

Texture issue improved

In order to improve the texture issue on the bumper. Special technique and products are used while polishing.

Porsche GT3 Touring White 2023 210
Porsche GT3 Touring White 2023 213

After hours of work. This Porsche 992 GT3 Touring is ready to be delivered

Carzwerk Story

The pinnacle of speed on “The Ring”.

Well for the most part, but all 911s are special in their own way and they all have their own purpose. The GT3 is made to stand out, but the GT3 Touring is a stealth rocket that flies under a lot of radars. It’s made for the people that want the adrenaline of the GT3, in the shape of a 911 that most non-connoiseurs will not recognize.

Currently sitting on the 8th position in the top 10 fast lap times around the Nürburgring, the 992 incarnation of the iconic 911 is definitely no slouch. Actually it’s a second faster than the previous generation 991.2 GT3RS Weissach. In true Bay Area fashion this is definitely “hella” impressive, to say the least.

This particular GT3 has been built with a very particular theme in mind. It has taken inspiration from the 911R with the stealth spoiler. We mentioned in our Jade Green GT3 write up, that the fixed swan neck wing had to come off for better PPF coverage – well in the case of the GT3 touring, Porsche decided that the wing had to come off by default. 

We mentioned the theme earlier. To put it mildly the theme is stealth class. Stealth class with a nuance of incredible taste, a hint of old school history and a lot of performance define this build and it’s as astonishing in person as it is on paper (or on the screen). Continuing with the theme, the 6 speed manual of the GT3 Touring adds another touch of class, as not too many people know or enjoy manual transmission cars these days. The wheels are finished in a shiny silver with black calipers and black wheel emblems, moving away from the regular matter grey finish wheels with the all eye-catching yellow brake calipers. The exhaust also had to be special, so the tips are finished in shiny polish. See a common trend with the theme? Well if you haven’t guessed already the inspiration is the Rolex Daytona Panda. But not only did the exterior receive it’s fair share of inspiration, so did the interior. Custom white stitching and custom sear inserts complete the theme.

Another no expense spared project and the first of many GT3 Touring to cross our shop. 

This particular GT3 Touring received a new set of PPF rocker panels that have been extended compared to the factory installed ones. While Porsche quality is outstanding, their shark fins PPF already had signs of discoloration. A complete paint correction and restoration was the main focus of the project, while the carefully applied ceramic coating gives the car the shine it deserves! Well technically the shine that Porsche intended, but unfortunately, the shine that’s never delivered to customers when they pick up their vehicles.

One might say that it’s just yet another white Porsche, but this was a very special project for us and we have mixed feelings seeing it go. One thing that we know is that it will steal glances wherever it goes. 

See you soon!


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