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Track Driven S2000 Prep Service

Honda AP2 S2000 – Silvertone Metallic
Track car prep and protection, Paint correction, Ceramic coating, Paint protection film, Wheel and caliper ceramic coating

We are glad to have Edwin giving us the chance to work on his Track Honda AP2 S2000 for demostration purpose to show that track car can be “Detailed” . The term “track car prep” – normally means track car preparation for driving on the track (Mechanically ready) has a different explanation in our shop since we called it “track car prep — aration and protection” so we detail & protect the track car before you go to the track so that your car will stay protection under this type of abusing condition. In addition to that it makes you clean up your car so much easier that it doesn’t look like you went to the track at all. Probably looks like after some spirit driving ONLY.

This Honda AP2 S2000 has over 100K miles with uncountable track time / spirit driving. Just look at the super wide Volk Racing CE28 / The huge GT Carbon Fibre Spoiler / Orange Roll Cage / Front Splitters etc. .We believe that this vehicle can handle some serious driving limit and it the BUGsss killer !!

Daily | Weekend S2000 Prep Service

Honda AP2 S2000 – Berlina black & Grand Prix White
Paint correction, Ceramic coating