2016 BMW M4 GTS - F82 Alpine White 300


New Car Prep | Paint Correction | Paint Protection Film | Ceramic Coating

Car highlights
Bumper Plugs | IND Fall-Line Motorsports F82 M4 GTS Replacement Lower Splitter

F82 M4 GTS Style 681 M Carbon Compound Wheel
F82 M4 GTS Style 666 M Star Acid Orange Forged Alloy Wheels – BMW 36112287510 and 36112287511
Wheel Spec – 2 x 9.5.J x 19 offset 29 2 x 10.5.J x 20 offset 42 bolt pattern: 5 x 120


The M3’s bigger and in this case better brother, the M4 had its own share of multiple incarnations across generations.

But the M4 GTS is by no means just another M4, not by a long shot. BMW used the M4 as a canvas, but they essentially stripped to the ground and built it back up in a mean, ready to go on the track, water-injection craziness of a road car.
This M4 GTS initially came with Carbon Fiber wheels. Yes, you heard that right CF wheels and a roll cage. Both impressive options for the North American market. Not to say that there’s carbon fiber everywhere you could imagine.

The car was somewhat neglected and this not an old car by any means, but it needed quite a bit of restoration and refinement. In this case, when we say restoration we simply mean that we brought the car to the point where BMW unveiled it for the whole world to admire.

Unlike its younger brother, the G80 M3, the grill did come out this time. Many other parts did as well then paint was refined for Paint Protection Film aka PPF. Of course all the front end panels were custom work PPF. The rest of the car was also refined and restored. The entire vehicle benefits from ceramic coating with different formulations for PPF, glass, paint and no one can neglect the wheels.

The roll cage made things a bit more difficult, but nevertheless the interior got some much needed attention – it’s been restored to its factory glory. The exhaust sounds so good on this car, but it also needed some love and restoration.

See you later, M4 GTS! We’ve had a blast!