Acura Integra DC2 Type R

1998 Acura Integra Type R - Championship White NH-0

A 30K miles Acura Integra Type R is in for our Gloss Enhancement and Ceramic Coating Service. Thank you Hsin @usurbrain for the support again. When dealing such a special car, we have to pay special and extra attention right?

Carzwerk Story

Do you prefer the USDM front end or JDM front end?

What about the younger brother DC5?

Gloss Enhancement with spot paint correction treatment

What is paint correction? Isn’t that same as quick buff? 

Removing paint imperfections using polish machines is the norm. Different polishing machines and techniques are used to bring out the color’s true shine and gloss. While customers frequently assume that the polishing technique is routine, each car is different and requires individualized attention. We have vast experience with a wide range of brands and an impressive portfolio of cars demonstrating the resulting perfection.

How many steps of paint correction will you do?

Our principle is “Less is More.” Contrast that with the marketing-driven message that “More is Better.” We operate differently and document your car’s journey in the shop. This is the best testimonial we can offer to our clients to prove that we are achieving the intended result within the established budget.

Headlight Restoration

Undercarriage treatment

Quick hand Polishing of Exhaust

Fender Liner Treatment


Special Interior Care

Ceramic Coating

1998 Acura Integra Type R Championship White 24


Nothing has been touched for interior besides glass

Engine bay treatment

What a clean and stock Engine Bay. Look at that red engine cover.

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