Honda Integra - DC2

Honda Integra DC2 JDM Front End - Milano Red R81

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Restorative Detail

Acura DC2 Integra 19 1


  • JDM front end conversion
  • Kosei K1 wheel with Falken 615K Tires
  • Recaro
  • Mugen Spoiler
  • Roll Cage
Acura DC2 Integra 20 1

The famous JDM front end for Integra DC2

Acura DC2 Integra 1
Acura DC2 Integra 11
Acura DC2 Integra 4 1
Acura DC2 Integra 12 1

Straight from the bodyshop. Typical sanding mark and buffer trail.

Acura DC2 Integra 21 1
Acura DC2 Integra 23 1

Our restorative paint correction service result

Carzwerk Story

In the vibrant tapestry of automotive culture, the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) has continually introduced unique trends and modifications that have captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. Among these automotive jewels is the Honda Integra DC2, a vehicle that not only symbolizes Honda’s engineering prowess but also embraces the iconic JDM front-end conversion that has become a hallmark of automotive customization.

The Integra DC2, known for its exceptional handling and rev-happy engines, was a front-wheel-drive marvel that won the hearts of driving enthusiasts. With its high-revving B-series engines, well-balanced chassis, and superb handling dynamics, the DC2 made its mark as a favorite among tuners and racers.

One of the distinguishing features of the Integra DC2 is the front-end conversion inspired by the JDM variant, which includes the sleek and aggressive front fascia. Enthusiasts around the world have been captivated by the JDM front-end swap, which involves replacing the stock front end with that of the Japanese market Integra, also known as the Acura Integra Type R in the United States.

The JDM front-end conversion typically features a more angular and aggressive set of headlights, a redesigned front bumper, and a distinctive grille. The sleeker headlights and sharper lines give the DC2 a more aggressive and sporty appearance, adding an extra touch of flair to an already beloved vehicle.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, the JDM front-end conversion represents a fusion of cultural admiration for the design elements of the Japanese market and a desire among enthusiasts to personalize and differentiate their rides. It’s not merely about changing the appearance; it’s a statement of individuality and a nod to the rich heritage of JDM culture.

Moreover, this modification showcases the versatility and interchangeability of parts across different markets, enabling enthusiasts to personalize their cars by incorporating elements from other regions, thereby creating a unique blend that appeals to their tastes and preferences.

The passion for the JDM front-end conversion has created a vibrant community of Integra enthusiasts who share a common love for the DC2 platform and the various modifications that elevate its appearance and performance.

Whether it’s for the sheer aesthetics, the nod to JDM heritage, or the desire for a more aggressive look, the JDM front-end conversion for the Honda Integra DC2 stands as a testament to the creativity and passion that drive the automotive enthusiast community.

In conclusion, the JDM front-end conversion for the Honda Integra DC2 represents more than a mere modification; it’s a celebration of automotive culture, personalization, and the ability to transform a beloved classic into a unique expression of individuality. It’s a symbol of the endless possibilities within the automotive world and a tribute to the rich heritage of Japanese automotive design.

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