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Kamikaze Collection are a revolutionary range of high end boutique car care products imported directly from Japan. Kamikaze Collection aims to offer the best car care products regardless of cost. We are proud to offer Kamikaze Coating products in Carzwerk.

The Japanese auto industry were the pioneers in glass coating business, and KAMIKAZE COLLECTION represents the most innovative, and highest level of technologies available from Japan.

When you chose KAMIKAZE coating and maintenance products for your vehicles, you can be assured that you are receiving the latest and greatest Japanese technologies that have been developed and tested in collaboration with some of the best, and most knowledgeable master detailers worldwide.

MIYABI COAT – The Pure 95% SiO2 Glass Coating & Primer layer Coating

Miyabi is a Japanese given name (not very common), and is also one of the traditional Japanese aesthetic ideals. MIYABI has to represent the beautiful art characteristic from Most advanced Japan technology.

Ultimate Low Molecular with Non-Solvent & VOC-Free Coating | The Pure 96% SiO2 for Paint tuning technology
We studied the disadvantages of solvent based glass coating few years ago in Japan and developed solvent free – glass coating technology. Solvent based glass coating did not work well for the undeveloped additives. The size of the molecule is too big. MIYABI COAT has enabled the purification of small molecules and it increased the SiO2 active ingredient to the utmost limit that made ​​it possible to paint tuning additives proprietary technology.

ISM COAT – Hydrocarbon Coating | Similiar to Vintage Wax’s Deep Gloss by Hi-tech Made in Japan Coating

Hydrocarbons can be called something like paraffin to collectively. Paraffin will produce a strong gloss that is included in the traditional solid wax. However, paraffin the current technology can be blended glass coating technology and clear purified components to the utmost limit. It has the flexibility that have taken into account the weakness of WATER SPOT by inorganic hard layers of conventional glass coatings.

What is difference of ISM COAT and MIYABI COAT?
1.Molecular size is different. MIYABI COAT has been produced in smaller molecule manufacturing method than ISM COAT.
2.Chemical reaction is different. Combined painted surfaces | Base material.
3.MIYABI COAT has Natural Shinny Looks. ISM COAT has Thick Deep Gloss.
4.Recommendation for MIYABI COAT as primer base coat and ISM COAT as top coat.

STANCE RIM COAT – Hi-PHPS Organic polysilazane leading cheamical reaction

The new technology from Organic Polysilazane with Hi-PHPS that develop from Polysilazane type coating. Over 1400° high temp protection and make smooth surface and beading from organic polysilazane chemical reaction.

OVER COAT – The Ultimate Sacrifice Layer Coating for Anti-Aging System | Water Base, Non-Solvent & VOC-Free
(Maintenance Product for Kamikaze Collection)

The Water Beads Attack! Over coat from Kamikaze Collection is quick detailer / spray sealant designed to offer the ultimate sacrificial coating layer for your paint. Developed in Japan, Over Coat is easy to apply and can be used on paint, glass, plastic trim and rims. It’s ingredients are water based, non solvent and non polymer based. And if you haven’t quite had the chance to perfectly correct your paint then Kamikaze can help you out with the siloxane and hard resin which will conceal light swirls and hazing.
Kamikaze Over Coat can easily be applied to a wet or dry surface ideally over a good base layer like MIYABI COAT or ISM COAT and should give you as much as 6 months of protection with amazing water beading effect on all types of coatings on your car.

Kamikaze Collection Coating Packages

Stage 1 Package – 1 layer of MIYABI COAT
Stage 2 Package – 1 layer of MIYABI + 1 layer of ISM COAT
Add on Service – 1 layer of Kamikaze Stance Rim Coat on Wheels
Kamikaze Coating Collection Executive Package – ENREI PRO COAT for Certified Shop ONLY

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