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In one statement about the Ferrari SF90. The power and handling of this Ferrari SF90 – Just Insane!

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Car is on. Check out the all new digital screen.

There’s plenty of fresh features to explore, with the steering wheel and dashboard being the most striking. Traditional mechanical instruments are replaced by a sleek 16-inch screen, manipulated via a touchpad on the steering wheel for the right thumb’s convenience. The three primary screens to navigate include media, navigation and vehicle, along with several viewing options, such as an expansive nav screen. Although the system operates in a logical manner, it sometimes falls short in execution, with inadvertent thumb contact switching the screen view mid-turn. The swipe and click functions also have room for improvement – an issue not exclusive to Ferrari, but one Mercedes has also grappled with.

The steering wheel incorporates digital elements as well. There’s no physical start button or controls for the hybrid modes. Instead, touchpads handle these functions effectively. The manettino maintains its traditional twist functionality and pressing it switches the dampers to bumpy road mode. With buttons for climate control settings and seamlessly integrated cruise control, it’s a densely packed steering wheel that, despite initial touchpad-induced frustrations, becomes second nature over time. In terms of tech and infotainment, it’s a significant step up from the F8, marking a considerable upgrade.

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The interior of the Ferrari SF90

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The new shifter control of the Ferrari SF90

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The engine bay of the SF90

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The assetto fiorano package

The Assetto Fiorano is 66 pounds lighter than the standard SF90. Thanks to lightweight titanium springs, a titanium exhaust system, new shock absorbers, and carbon fiber wheels — along with a variety of other, more subtle weight-saving modifications — , which weighs in at 3,461 pounds.

In addition to the lighter weight, the Assetto Fiorano comes equipped with a new rear spoiler to increase the car’s aerodynamic performance. This high-downforce carbon-fiber spoiler generates significantly more downforce at high speeds for increased stability.

The Assetto Fiorano comes equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 tires, which gives it more downforce and enhanced grip when compared to the standard SF90, which features Pirelli P Zero tires. New Multimatic shocks further contribute to the SF90 Assetto Fiorano’s driving capabilities.

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Ferrari SF90 Tail-light

The rear lights have undergone a significant transformation from Ferrari’s classic circular design. The standout, horizontally-oriented glowing circles promote a broader perception of the tail lights, which visually reduces the tail’s height.

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Ferrari SF90 Tail-light

The car’s back end is characterized by elevated exhaust pipes, a product of enhancing the exhaust line configuration. With the power-train located considerably lower than before, the designers had the opportunity to reduce the height of the car’s rear end.

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Typical Paint and Carbon Defects on the Ferrari

Rest assured. With over a decade of expertise in handling Ferrari and other luxury vehicles, we understand the nuances of their care. Notably, these cars may not have undergone professional detailing or correct paint treatment in the past. This is actually preferred for us, as it allows us to leverage most of the original paint or clear coat, thus yielding superior results. It’s intriguing to note that standard cars rolling off the assembly line typically don’t exhibit these issues. The reason behind this is simple: painting a luxury car is a different ballgame compared to mass-produced vehicles. It’s akin to the difference between microwaved food and a gourmet meal that takes hours of meticulous preparation and cooking. Furthermore, luxury cars feature distinct materials and have more complex curves compared to regular production vehicles. This necessitates extensive refinements during manufacturing, leading to common issues such as sanding marks and buffer trails. Addressing such paint defects can take anywhere between 50 to 200 man-hours, a service that factories or dealerships often don’t provide for free. Our commitment lies in providing top-tier solutions for your vehicle’s needs while ensuring customer satisfaction. Trust us to expertly restore your car’s pristine condition with our innovative approach and technical expertise in automotive care.

Carzwerk Story

The Hybrid Supercar Revolution

The fusion of modern technology with high performance has given birth to an entity that transcends the realm of conventional supercars. The 2022 Ferrari SF90 Stradale is the epitome of this revolution, further testifying to the Italian automaker’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Unveiling The SF90 Stradale

Ferrari’s foray into the domain of plug-in hybrid powertrains resulted in the SF90 Stradale, a magnificent automobile that effectively combines electric efficiency with raw, unadulterated power.

Performance: A New Paradigm

When it comes to performance, the SF90 Stradale stands unrivalled. Aided by its hybrid powertrain, the car boasts an impressive 986 horsepower. The powertrain comprises a robust V-8 engine and three electric motors, which collectively contribute to the Stradale’s blistering speed.

Zero to Sixty: The New Standard

The SF90 Stradale sets a new record in the zero-to-sixty metric: a staggering 2.0 seconds. Such acceleration is unheard of in the realm of production vehicles, making this Ferrari a true game changer.

Powertrain and Performance

The powertrain of the SF90 Stradale is a marvel of engineering. A 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine, combined with three electric motors, delivers a net output of 986 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque.

Acceleration and Handling

The SF90 Stradale offers different driving modes to match your preferences. These range from EV Only and Hybrid to Performance and Qualify, the latter allowing you to fully harness the vehicle’s performance capabilities.

Fuel Economy

The SF90 Stradale’s fuel efficiency is commendable for a supercar. The EPA estimates a combined mileage of 18 mpg when running solely on gasoline and up to 51 MPGe with the hybrid setup.


The SF90 Stradale is a mid-engine, all-wheel-drive, 2-passenger coupe with an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. It measures 185.4 inches in length, 77.6 inches in width, and 46.7 inches in height.

Wrapping Up

The 2022 Ferrari SF90 Stradale sets a new standard in the realm of supercars. Its hybrid powertrain, luxurious interiors, customizable features, and record-breaking performance make it a vehicle worth its hefty price tag. This Italian masterpiece is truly a testament to Ferrari’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Stock Ferrari SF90 Stradale makes 986HP @ 7500RPM and 590 lb-ft.
0-62 MPH in 2.5 s and Top speed at 211 MPH.

Engine – 4.0 L 8-cylinder Twin Turbo-charged @769hp

Trio Electric Motors @217hp

Transmission – 8 Speed Dual-Clutch – Upgrade from the 7 speed DCT of the LaFerrari, SF90 has a dru-sump gearbox that sits 15mm below the old 7-speed DCT.

Drive System – All Wheel Drive

Curb weight – 3527 lb base or 3461 lb for Assetto Firoano

Rosso Corsa, the quintessential red shade, remains a popular choice. It has established its classic status since the F458 and is available as a color option on all car models, including the 488, 812 Superfast, LaFerrari, among others.

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