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2019 Ford Shelby Supersnake Mustang - S550 - Kona Blue with metallic platinum white painted stripes

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Ford Mustang Shelby Supersnake New Car Prep Protection PPF | SF Bay Area | Carzwerk


We talked about badges in our previous installment and we’re bringing to life another historical badge. This time from the land of the free. No, we’re not talking about Ford’s ST, but the legendary Shelby. 

Carroll Shelby had history with American brands and while everyone associates him with Ford, he has also done business with Chevrolet and Dodge and cars like the Viper came out of his hands. The history with Ford has had its ups and downs and while Shelby’s legacy is tied to them, Shelby and Ford Motor Company had their differences. The first Shelby American shop was set in Venice, California, but Ford had other plans with the 1968 version of the Mustang GT500. The relationship between Ford and Shelby went sour and they only partnered again in the new millennium to bring back a retro version of the iconic GT500. Ford was the first one out of the Big 3 to bring back an American classic in a car scene dominated by JDMs and Euro cars. 

In 2005, Ford introduced the modern version of the legendary 1965 GT500, making it an immediate success and the competition had to respond. Shelby himself didn’t have a saying into Ford’s design. He did, however, have a huge impact on the GT500 after the fact. While Carroll didn’t consult directly on the Super Snake, the car was architected with his legacy in mind. He passed away in 2012 after a lifetime of accomplishments both on and off the track.

Ford Mustang Shelby Supersnake


About The Ford Mustang Super Snake

The Ford Mustang Super Snake is a highly coveted and performance-oriented variant of the Mustang. Here are some key facts about the Super Snake:

Historical Significance

The Super Snake name has a rich history, with the original 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake being a legendary and rare vehicle. It was a prototype with only one model in existence, known for its exceptional performance and unique features.


The modern Super Snake, such as the 2023 model, is powered by an 825 horsepower supercharged Ford 5.0L V8 engine, enabling it to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds. It features upgraded suspension, brakes, and other performance enhancements, making it a formidable presence on the road or track.

Limited Production

The Super Snake is produced in limited numbers, adding to its exclusivity and collectibility. For example, the 2023 Super Snake is available in a limited convertible Speedster Edition, with only 98 units per model year in the US, commemorating the 98th anniversary of founder Carroll Shelby’s birth.


The Super Snake package typically involves significant modifications to a stock Mustang GT, including a supercharged engine, upgraded suspension, more powerful brakes, and exterior enhancements to give it a more aggressive and distinctive look.

Continued Legacy

The Super Snake continues to be a symbol of high performance and exclusivity, with modern iterations carrying on the legacy of the original prototype and maintaining the Super Snake’s reputation as a top-tier Mustang variant.

These facts highlight the Super Snake’s historical significance, exceptional performance, limited production, and ongoing legacy as a premier Mustang variant.

Ford Mustang Shelby Supersnake New Car Prep Protection PPF | SF Bay Area | Carzwerk

How To Find A Mustang Super Snake For Sale

If you’ve been dreaming of owning a Mustang Super Snake, the quest begins with finding one for sale. The Mustang Super Snake, with its powerful performance and iconic design, is a sought-after model, and discovering one in the market requires a strategic approach. Start by exploring reputable dealerships specializing in high-performance vehicles. 

Keep an eye on online platforms, such as dedicated automotive websites, forums, and classified ads, where enthusiasts might list their prized Super Snakes. On these platforms, you should be searching for exact keywords in quotation marks, depending on the model of the car you want. For example, try putting in their search bar: “2014 Mustang Super Snake for sale” or “2023 Super Snake Mustang for sale”. 

Attend car shows or auctions, as these events often showcase unique and rare vehicles like the Mustang Super Snake. Networking with fellow Mustang enthusiasts and joining relevant online communities can provide insider information on potential sales. Patience and persistence are key when embarking on the exciting journey to find a Mustang Super Snake for sale.

Ford Mustang Shelby Supersnake Interior | SF Bay Area | Carzwerk

Mustang Super Snake Price

Aspiring owners of the Mustang Super Snake are naturally curious about the price tag associated with this high-performance marvel. The Mustang Super Snake comes with a premium cost, reflective of its enhanced features, exclusivity, and the legacy it carries. 

Prices can vary based on factors such as the model year, mileage, condition, and any additional customizations or upgrades. On average, expect to see Mustang Super Snake prices well above those of standard Mustang models. It’s essential to do thorough research on current market values, taking into account the rarity and uniqueness of the Super Snake. 

Engaging with reputable dealerships and private sellers, while also considering the vehicle’s history and maintenance records, will provide a comprehensive understanding of the Mustang Super Snake’s price range.

Carzwerk Story - Ford Mustang Super Snake

The same as “one does not simply walk into Mordor”, y’all think it’s easy to just walk into a Ford dealership and get a Super Snake? Super Snakes are rare and the process of getting one will almost make you feel like you’re worth driving a unique piece of Shelby legacy. 

So what makes a Super Snake a Super Snake? Remember the old Shelby American shop in Venice, California? Long gone are the days when cars would be rolling out of the shop that was mere miles from the ocean – the new Shelby American has been relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada and quite a few cars have rolled out of the new facility. All greats need a canvas to create their masterpieces. In the same fashion, Shelby American, or Carroll Shelby International as it is known after Carroll took the company public in 2013, used the GT500 as their canvas for the Super Snake until 2014. Continuing the theme of the Super Snake, Shelby American uses a fully configured Ford Mustang platform.

Unlike the 2013 and 2014 Super Snakes that are based on the S197 body style, this particular Super Snake is based on a S550 platform and it gets a lot of Shelby exclusive parts: a new Whipple super charger on top of a Coyote 5.0L performance oriented engine to bring even more torque and elevate the horsepower count by a hefty margin. But with an 1000HP capable engine, the car needs to be stiff to handle the amount of torque. Thus, Shelby Performance half shafts are mounted on the Penske Suspension, giving this Super Snake a very crisp handling. A new hood had to be architected to be able to accommodate the monster quietly sitting in the engine bay. A new front grill, splitter and lip were installed to make the Snake’s engine and brakes cool. With that much power, y’all think it’s easy to stop the beast – new Shelby by Brembo brakes with slotted rotors were installed. And of course, the Snake gets some more stability from a pair of 305 20” forged aluminum wheels on the back, complemented by a pair of 275s on the front. The body gets some special treatment as well with new side skirts rocker panels and a whole new rear package: a beautiful Shelby tail panel and a custom made diffuser. A custom modified Borla ATAK exhaust worthy of its namesake was a challenging aftermarket installation, but a no brainer choice to bring the harmonics to a whole new level. A regular Super Snake comes with about 800HP, but one can always push it more towards the extreme hyper car-like horse power and get a custom tune, performed by the people that build the beast.

The interior is also getting a different treatment. Since you need to monitor the pressure of the new monster, a custom gauge display, wrapped in dry carbon fiber, is added. Given Carrol’s legacy of not putting a lot of work in non-functional parts, not a lot of work is done to the interior, but this particular Super Snake got upgraded seat upholstery, different door sills and carbon fiber mirror caps. But Shelby American’s interior work was not complete, so carbon fiber matching the custom gauge cluster was installed all around the car. A custom steering wheel with dry carbon and Alcantara completes the look of the interior and would make the guys at Shelby American jealous. 

But what makes a Super Snake unique given the variety of the aftermarket industry? Shelby American takes pride in their work and the CSM plaque proves the fact that this car is truly unique and originally built by Shelby American. 

It goes without saying that when we were presented with the challenge to work on a Super Snake, we didn’t blink and took the job. We got the car in the shop and the fun started. We did quite a few runs around the car documenting the beginning of this love story. The inspection took quite a while, since the gorgeous Kona Blue paint, as well as the metallic platinum white painted stripes had extensive micro scratches that needed to disappear. As much as it hurt, we removed the Super Snake and Shelby Cobra badges, to be able to polish and bring the heart of the paint to the surface. The before and after pictures are our witness in this short-lived marriage with this car.

Ford Mustang Shelby Supersnake Paint Correction | SF Bay Area | Carzwerk
Ford Mustang Shelby Supersnake Paint Correction | SF Bay Area | Carzwerk

Paint Correction - Painted Stripe

Ford Mustang Shelby Supersnake
Ford Mustang Shelby Supersnake

Paint Correction - Sanding mark removal

Ford Mustang Shelby Supersnake Paint Correction | SF Bay Area | Carzwerk
Ford Mustang Shelby Supersnake Paint Correction | SF Bay Area | Carzwerk

Paint Correction - Hood Scoop

Ford Mustang Shelby Supersnake Paint Correction | SF Bay Area | Carzwerk

Extensive use of speciality masking tape to protect the black trims while performing paint correction

And onto the Paint Protection Film step. The car got a full wrap, and as always, we did our very best to wrap as many panels with single film pieces. The hood with its double scoop was relatively challenging. The front bumper presented itself with its share of challenges. The funny thing is that we had to redo it a couple of months down the road when a new bumper was installed by Shelby American. The carbon fiber mirror covers got wrapped, as well as the fuel cap. The rear got PPF treatment as well, but unfortunately the Shelby tail panel wasn’t something we could do. 

We got a huge amount of support from Shelby American – they gave us tips to maximize the PPF application and we received new emblems and a new hood vent to complete this one-of-a-kind Super Snake monster.

In our humble opinion, Carroll Shelby deserves more than an appearance in Ford v Ferrari and a biographic film would be a great way to celebrate his accomplishments and the contribution he had over the American car scene. Matt Damon did an amazing job giving life to the eccentric East Texan and should definitely be considered to take on the role, telling the story not just from Ford’s perspective, but also from the cooperation with Chevrolet and Dodge.

The wait time for this particular Super Snake was 9 months, but it then went on to win several car show competitions. We’re proud that we elevated our level yet again to get the best out of the car. We always have a blast when we get the car back in the shop or when we see the car in a competition and it’s definitely the pedestal car whenever it appears. Time will tell if 40 years from now, this Super Snake will be as iconic as its 1965 version, but we’re sure that it will age in a very Shelby manner.


Ford Mustang Shelby Supersnake PPF | SF Bay Area | Carzwerk
Ford Mustang Shelby Supersnake PPF | SF Bay Area | Carzwerk

Paint protection film PPF application

Ford Mustang Shelby Supersnake Brakes | SF Bay Area | Carzwerk
Ford Mustang Shelby Supersnake Wheels | SF Bay Area | Carzwerk

Wheel ceramic coating application

Ford Mustang Shelby Supersnake
Ford Mustang Shelby Supersnake

Making sure the taillight and black trims are polished nicely prior ceramic coating application


Mustang Super Snake Vs GT500


When it comes to Mustangs, the Super Snake and GT500 stand out as formidable contenders, each with its own set of distinctive features. The Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake and the GT500 are both high-performance variants, but they have distinct differences. 

The Super Snake is a modified Mustang GT with a 5.0L Coyote motor that is sent to Shelby American for conversion, where it receives a supercharger, cosmetic upgrades, and various performance enhancements, resulting in an output of 825 horsepower. 

On the other hand, the GT500 is a Ford factory-built car with a 5.2L supercharged V8 engine producing 760 horsepower, along with features such as massive brake calipers and 16.5-inch rotors. 

The Super Snake is a limited build of regular Mustangs with significant performance modifications, while the GT500 is a factory-built Shelby model with a powerful supercharged engine and other performance-focused components. 

These differences in their origins, powertrains, and modification processes result in distinct driving experiences and characteristics for each vehicle.

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