BMW M3 | G80

2022 BMW M3 - G80 Competition Tanzanite Blue

New Car Prep | Paint Correction | Paint Protection Film | Ceramic Coating | 3M IR Ceramic Tint 

Car highlights
IND Painted Side Marker


The M3’s history spans across multiple generations and we’ve had the pleasure to restore, refine, coat and do paint protection film aka PPF on most, if not all the generations. But history should stay in the past. This is all about the M3’s newest incarnation – the G80.

We’ve all been disappointed by BMW’s approach to big grills. There’s a definitely a trend and marketing shows that bigger is better. In this case, while in the beginning we sort of hated the front end, it has grown on us over the course of the project.

Back to the details (pun intended), unlike previous generations, the grill did not come off like the past generation. The hood along with all the other panels have been refined before PPF covering the panels of the vehicle. The interior of this G80 benefited from a thorough inspection and protection, while the outside was coated with PPF formulated coating.

See you soon, G80!