2018 Ford F-150 Raptor New Car Prep and Protection Project

Finally not a car but a truck this time for some challenge. Tons of time and effort put on this car and customer decides to go with new car prep + paint correction and coating, paint protection film and tint for the truck he wants for a long time. Thank you for the customer showing us all the nice features that he got to his truck. This is a perfect example to show our customer how much we concern about the New Car Prep service in our shop. Improper Prep or “Time Constrained Prep” can create a lot of potential issues which end up you have to spend more money and time to fix the damage(s). No matter what, minor swirls, couple spot of sanding marks or few RIDS (Random Isolated Scratches) on brand new vehicles are pretty much unavoidable from our experience. In Carzwerk, the top priority is to remove the least amount of clear coat in order to achieve the ideal result of the paint finish especially for brand new cars.

We had many customers contacted us and wondered why new cars still need to be Prep aka Paint Correction prior the Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film because we think that matters. We offer  the Protection product service on the car with the standard surface prep as long as the customers understand we are not skipping any potential steps that the customers should know about. The major issue here is that if you found out the paint correction has not been done to your expected outcome prior the paint protection application, the only way to fix it is to remove the paint protection product first and redo it again. That mean customer will waste their time and money. We care about the Quality work rather than just get you in to the shop without telling you what’s included or not included over the price quote phone call or email. A proper prep with paint correction prior the protection product application will bring the result to another level and that is the main reason why our customers are coming to us.

This Ford F-150 Raptor received our

  • New Car Prep Service
  • 3M Crystalline on the front windows done by Automall Tint Specialist
  • Hybrid Paint Correction Prep and Enhancement Service
  • Kamikaze Collection Miyabi & ISM Protection Coating
  • Kamikaze Collection Stance Wheel Coating
  • Kamikaze Collection Window Coating on all Windows
  • Paint Protection Film On the Front Bumper, Side Mirror, Headlight, Rocker Panel, B pillar, Liftgate

Condition when the car get dropped off

During the Work

After all the work has the done.


Hope you guys enjoy this blog. Thank you and we hope to see your vehicle in our shop in the near future.